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The Holistic Approach to Life-Long Health

Animals respond very quickly to their environments. It's their nature. But they're also very good at hiding illness. If your pet becomes ill enough for you to notice, you may correctly assume that disease has already been working for some time. The good news is that natural healing for your animal is possible, but we need to act quickly.
Holistic healing is not just about losing weight or adding exercise. Nor is animal health dependent on how expensive the pet kibble is. Holistic health involves evaluating the chemicals in your environment and choosing natural products, raw foods and appropriate supplements. Holistic health is about a way of living that includes making choices that do no harm to the body or to the environment. It's about supporting the immune system and having a healthy gut. Holistic health is about understanding the relationship between you and your pet. All of it matters!
Pet Disease- a result of pollution in food and the environment.
Toxins are responsible for the most serious pet illnesses, pet cancer, kidney failure, acute chemical exposure and toxicity, serious infection and diabetes. Is your pet polluted? Likely so.
However, you may not know how toxic your pet is unless you understand the warning signs.
Warning Signs of Disease May Be Obvious But Completely Misunderstood

Is your pet experiencing ANY of these warning signs for illness? These signs may seem like symptoms of aging and may even feel "normal" to you. But any of the warning signs of disease listed here could mean a call to action for you, before a more serious diagnosis occurs.

• Stinky coat, breath, or ears      • Fatty lumps

• Course, dry fur                            • Fleas and other parasites

• Weepy eyes                                  • Pain, stiffness and discomfort

• Frequent infections                    • Allergies, rashes and sensitivities

• Sensitive digestion                     • Excessive shedding, fur loss and hot spots

• Excessive thirst                           • More sleep and disinterest in playing


If you think your pet is healthy but is showing warning signs of disease, you will want to act quickly. Animals instinctively hide their health issues. Your veterinarian can help with emergencies, diagnostics and drug therapies. But for total wellness and holistic health start by removing toxins. Realize that everything your pet needs for good health comes from a toxin-free, well balanced and well nourished body... and your love.


Holistic Health For Your Animals

We have a natural approach to your pet's health that causes no harm and offers wonderful results. We start with a free consultation and, if you prefer, an Intuitive Health Assessment.

Is Your Pet Polluted?

Your pet absorbs toxins every day - from food, the environment, water, etc. Animals are smaller and much more vulnerable to the harmful effects of toxins. Start immediately with the one safe detox for people and pets - our special zeolite.

How can zeolite help YOUR pet
Rather than treat the symptoms, we look together for the root cause of the problem. 

We work with you and your vet to monitor progress and offer healing solutions for detoxification (Natural Cellular Defense zeolite), natural diet changes (see Animal Nutrition) to fight cancer, promote good health and offer guidance on supplements to support a healthy immune system for our pets.

Buy Zeolite and Supplements for Pets

 Learn about Pet Cancer here.

  • Learn about toxins.
  • Work to eliminate toxins from your home environment.
  • Choose only natural, unprocessed foods.
  • Don't over-medicate or over-vaccinate your pet.

"On February 1st 2012, four and a half weeks ago, Lady, our  9-year old Golden Retriever, had an emergency splenectomy. A week later, we got the devastating news that the rupture of her spleen was caused by Hemangiosarcoma.'

"That is when I Googled "Hemangiosarcoma survival story" and came upon Ginger's Story and Rosemary's website. Ginger's story was so similar to Lady's and there was finally a ray of hope! With that came additional questions about what Rosemary had done to help Ginger, so I wrote her an e-mail and within a couple of hours got an e-mail back and later that same day a phone call from Rosemary! There was a real, sincere person at the other end, willing and able to help! What a blessing! We discussed Lady's diet and supplements and Rosemary suggested that I start Waiora products, Natural Cellular Defense and Agarigold (now MegaDefense). Also, Rosemary offered to give Lady Reiki to help her heal.'

"Lady has recovered very well after her surgery, a little tired at first from the blood loss from her surgery, but being fed lots of organ meats and dark vegetables seemed to help her get her energy back.'

Had we not found Rosemary and Ginger's story, we would have had very little hope, and we are forever grateful for her being there. Our decision to do chemo goes against Rosemary's convictions, but that has not changed anything in her support and willingness to help answer any questions, we might have! It is like having a close friend by your side.
I will keep you posted on Lady and how she does. Tomorrow, she goes in for her second chemo treatment and I pray, she will be ok!
Thank you, Rosemary, for being there!!!! Warm thoughts from Susan in Georgia"

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Need an assessment?

An Intuitive Health Assessment is a great way to help figure out what your pet really needs for better health. If you decide to purchase any supplements from me, I'll refund your assessment fee to use toward your purchase. Plus, you'll get my FREE Critical Care Supplement List for pets.
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"My Spanky had recently been rushed to the Emergency Room with heat stroke. Prior to the that she had been diagnosed with valley fever and on Sunday, elevated white count. Picked her up today from the hospital and she has no side effects from the heat stroke. Also received a call from my regular vet.....her valley fever test came back negative and her white counts are back in the normal range. I have been giving her MegaDefense and NCD (Natural Cellular Defense zeolite) for a couple of weeks now and know this is what has pulled her through. Wahoo!!!  Thank you Rosemary!" Jenny H., Arizona




"My 13 year old cat, Goose the Moose,  has suffered from fatty liver disease his whole life. I had a bottle of your Natural Cellular Defense Zeolite on hand and thought I might as well try it on him to see if it would help his skin condition. I have had him on it for two weeks now and the dander has completely disappeared. The Goose and I want to say thank you. I am very relieved to have a more lively happy cat who I can cuddle!!" Jill Picard, CHC March 2012





"I wanted to give you an update on Luna's recovery. He is doing amazingly well and recoverying at a extremely fast rate. The doctor is just amazed at his progress and I am so happy about how well he has healed. I'm not supposed to introduce him to stairs until 6 weeks out and yesterday I caught him Running up the stairs! I keep it blocked off so he doesnt use them but he just looks like a brand new puppy and I know he is feeling so much better. I have been doing Reiki on him now almost every night since we did the attunement and I wanted to thank you for all the Reiki you have sent his way." Jodi O. Portland, OR



Cat's kidney distress

LaDacious is on her second day of (NCD) zeolite drops. It's amazing how well she is doing with taking them. In that past she would of rejected such thing. Dacious seems more lively now since her Reiki and drops.

Update- LaDacious has about 2/3s of the bottle that you sent still. This morning she was able to soak up the great energy from the sun for about 3 hours outside. Which she loved very much =D