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What is Detox?
Your Body's Detox- Detox is a natural process that occurs in the body at all times. Normal detoxification works to eliminate, neutralize or store toxins to which we are exposed, the toxins we eat, or the toxins we apply to our skin as they enter the body. Liver, kidneys, lungs, colon and skin support natural detoxification functions to filter and clean the blood, eliminate waste and protect the body from harmful toxins. Though the body's physiology is complex, the modern world offers a highly toxic environment. Our greater exposure to heavy metals and complex industrial chemicals stress our bodies to the limit, making it difficult to manage and eliminate all of the toxins we encounter every day.
Helping Your Body Detox- You may have heard of detox teas, herbal detox, colon cleanses, detox diets and chelation therapy for detoxification. Though some of these methods are helpful, they may not provide the Total Detox Cleanse you need for best results. In fact, some of these methods may cause you to experience the harmful effects of these toxins all over again.
Our Total Detox Cleanse
Reiki detox and nutritional supplementsOur Total Detox Cleanse helps your body mobilize, trap and eliminate toxins that have become stored in body tissues and organs . . . without harmful side-effects or any healing crisis. More than that, we want you to have the best experience possible.
Combine the safe detox we provide with Reiki as an integral part of our Holistic Healing program to help release negative energies as well. In our final step, we help you bring in new, vibrant energies to nourish and rejuvenate Body, Mind and Soul. Just follow the steps. We'll help you get started.
The One Safe Detox-
Start with the one completely safe detox method that has no side effects and may in fact be the only detox to allow the most profound health benefits- a very specific and carefully selected Zeolite called Natural Cellular Defense.
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Reiki Healing Sessions-
Next, feel the emotional and energetic support for your Total Detox Cleanse when negative energies are released. We can help you release and remove obstacles that hold you back, balance your body's energies (chakra balance), and bring in new, vibrant energy to optimize your Holistic Healing Process. Try our one hour Reiki healing session.
Natural Detox Supplements-
Finally, replenish and energize your total well-being with our natural nutritional supplements. Replenish vital nutrients and support your immune system. Take your healing to the next level when you maintain your new-found healthy energy. Feel empowered with your choices. We'll show you how and give you the reins.
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Our Total Detox Cleanse.
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 Our Total Detox Cleanse

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 3- Natural Detox Supplements

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