Zeolite Cleanse For Natural Detox

When looking for zeolite detox or natural detox solutions,
here's what you need to know before you buy zeolite.
Zeolite Crystals
Good for the earth, but not to detox your body.zeolite crystals

Zeolite is a unique product of nature, a beautiful crystal mineral that forms every time molten lava and ash meet sea water. Clinoptilolite is unlike most zeolites and any other mineral; it is a smooth zeolite and has a negative charge. This negatively charged mineral immediately upon formation in nature, begins to draw heavy metals to it, pulling toxins from the earth. Zeolite in nature is already dirty. It is Earth's environmental detoxifier, pulling toxins from its immediate surroundings. In its crystalline form, zeolite is known for its metaphysical properties to remove toxic and negative energies.

Though zeolite crystals are beautiful, they are not fit for human consumption as a crystal for detoxification.


Zeolite Powder
Good for filters, but not to detox your body.zeolite powder

More commonly used in water filters, air filters, pool filters and fish tank filters, zeolite chunks and powders are known for their ability to absorb toxins. For decades, zeolite powders have been used as a natural nutritional enhancement when added to the diet of cows, goats and sheep. In fact, some dog foods also contain zeolite powder.


Environmentally, zeolite powder is extremely effective at removing radiation from nuclear disasters. In fact, 500,000 metric tons of clinoptilolite zeolite powder was dropped and spread over territories in and near the Chernobyl (1986) and Three Mile Island (1979) nuclear incidents. At Chernobyl, zeolite powder was baked into biscuits and fed to children and animals to remove radioactive Strontium and Cesium. Contaminated soil and water treated with clinoptilolite zeolite helped return it to near zero levels of Cesium and Strontium. At Three Mile Island, zeolite was added to cement to cap the reactor and contain the leak.

More recently at Fukushima, Japan, clinoptilolite zeolite powder was dumped into the ocean around the nuclear disaster to help begin the cleanup of nuclear fallout.

Though zeolite powder is good for filters and the environment, the powdered form is not meant for human consumption as an effective detoxifier. Powdered zeolites aren't clean and are not small enough to get into your blood to clean your body's filters- the kidneys, lungs, liver and other organs.


Natural Cellular Defense Zeolite
Absolutely the BEST detox for your body and the absolutely BEST zeolite detox.natural cellular defense zeolite liquid

Zeolite specially formulated for human consumption and for the most effective way to capture toxins in the bloodstream is a liquid form of zeolite called NCD that came to market in 2005. Unlike powders and unlike any other form of liquid zeolite imitation, NCD is especially valuable and unique for several reasons:

1.    NCD is made with only clinoptilolite, proven to be the one zeolite trusted over centuries to remove toxins effectively.

2.    NCD is micronized. Through an intensive process, clinoptilolite zeolite is ground into a powdered dust where 99% of the zeolite particles are less than 5 microns, smaller than a red blood cell which measures 6-8 microns.

3.    NCD is activated. In nature, zeolite is already dirty, full of environmental toxins, heavy metals and even air pollutants to which it has been exposed. Through a series of gentle, slightly acidic baths and a little heat, zeolite bars of the crystal cage bend to allow toxins to wash away. Clean NCD zeolite is called activated because it has more clean surface area to trap more toxins in your body.

4.    NCD is pure. There are no additives, no harmful humic acid or fulvic acid, no preservatives, no bacteria and no trace minerals in any bottle of NCD zeolite. Each bottle is sterile and ready to use. Each drop of NCD zeolite is extremely efficient at capturing toxins in the body.

5.    NCD traps all toxins. Unlike other chelators or other zeolites, NCD zeolite captures the full spectrum of heavy metals such as cadmium, mercury, lead, arsenic, aluminum, etc. NCD zeolite safely captures and removes aflatoxins, toxins from molds, volatile organic compounds such as benzene, plastics, fragrances, flame retardants and other toxic chemicals which accumulate in the body over time.

As a part of a Holistic Health program, Natural Cellular Defense is the most effective oral chelator that removes all types of heavy metals, radiation, organic and inorganic pollutants, safely and gently with every drop.


How to Use Zeolite to Cleanse the Body

Using Natural Cellular Defense liquid zeolite may be the easiest, most effective total body cleanse you will ever experience. The nearly tasteless liquid drops of zeolite come in a small bottle.

You take a few drops of zeolite a few times per day. NCD zeolite may be added to food or drinks, hot or cold.

The best way is to take a few drops directly into your mouth. It's that easy. For faster results or if you have greater concerns about removing toxins more aggressively, you may want to take more zeolite more often.

Call Rosemary to help you develop your own detox plan using NCD.


In this case, "generic" isn't better.

We'll show you how Natural Cellular Defense can benefit you too.

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"As a part of a Holistic Health program, Natural Cellular Defense is the most effective oral chelator that removes all types of heavy metals, radiation, organic and inorganic pollutants, safely and gently with every drop."

" For the first time in 20 years, I am sleeping throughout the entire night for at least 6 - 7 hours and waking up truly ready to face the day.....Keep in mind, Zeolite is not a sleeping aid...  Because I really am a skeptic, I keep waiting for my normal non-sleeping pattern to return... After almost 4 weeks, I am still sleeping. Thank you Rosemary for your gentle teaching that helped me discover for myself how impactful something as simple as Natural Cellular Defense Zeolite can be in my life." Annie Reed, Portland, OR


"We (my husband and I) take Natural Cellular Defense, liquid zeolite as part of our daily wellness regime and for illness prevention; and enjoy knowing we use this unique supplement to help our bodies eliminate toxins from our environment and foods. We also give liquid zeolite to our dog Molly as an illness preventative and to help her fight allergies and a sensitive stomach; along with a holistic diet, coconut/flax/fish oils, vitamins, and an enzyme regime. This combination has turned our Molly completely around from being a constantly itching, chewing her paws red, allergy dog dependent on conventional allergy meds several times daily for any relief - to a healthy drug-free dog with seldom tummy issues who leaves her paws alone (paws now stay white like the rest of her!) and rarely has the urge to scratch!" Linda Blankenship, Tennessee