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Service Options
Private Reiki Healing Sessions

Private Reiki Healing Sessions offer one of the most intensive forms of intuitive healing work available. During your private Reiki session I share Guided Intuitive messages specific for you to facilitate your healing process. As your guides come through to offer healing messages and insights into your well being, I help you integrate Reiki Healing Energies for your Greatest and Highest Good. We work together to allow healing on many levels; physical, emotional and spiritual.


You can expect a soothing and quiet atmosphere for your relaxation and Reiki healing experience. Allow yourself to receive the maximum benefit for your physical and soulful well being.  After your session we discuss any questions you may have. You leave feeling refreshed, relaxed and enlightened. The healing benefits stay with you as you release obstacles and incorporate new found affirmations.


Distant Reiki Sessions

Reiki works even if you are not present. Private consultations and Intuitive Readings are available by phone or skype, no matter where you reside. Intuitive Reiki Healing sessions by phone offer the same in-depth guidance and healing as sessions in person with the convenience of not having to leave your home.

Phone readings and healing sessions are ideal for people who live far away, have a simple question or are in crisis. Here's what your Distant Reiki session includes:

  • Distant Reiki Energies
  • Intuitive Psychic Reading
  • Use of Crystals and/or Crystal grid during your session
  • Recording of your session


Chakra Balance

Like the colors of the rainbow, the chakra active energy centers aligned with specific physical centers in your body quietly spin and glow. You may not see them, but how you feel may indicate if your chakras are open or blocked. When your chakras are all open, you may feel clear in your thinking, more able to communicate, feel more creative and have a sense of stability and security as well as feel loved, empowered and magnificent. Sound good? It is!


Each chakra is associated with an aspect of your health, well-being or personality or life circumstances. Though the history of chakra balancing comes from ancient tradition, we can use this knowledge today to have more balance in our lives. Through the use of energy release, Reiki, affirmations, crystals, breathing techniques, meditation and even physical activity such as yoga, one can achieve balanced chakras.

I specialize in chakra balance techniques to help you facilitate your own healing. Experience it for yourself and learn chakra balance techniques that can make a difference for how you feel every day.


Reiki Healing Attunement

We celebrate the journey of life in all it's wonderful and sometimes challenging aspects. Reiki Healing Attunements can provide balance, initiate healing on a deeper level and allow you to release negative energies or negative patterns.

  • Birth and birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • New beginnings on your life path
  • Changing jobs
  • Moving to a new home
  • Health challenges and serious health issues (healing attunements work for pet health issues too)
  • Life transitions

Contact me to schedule a Reiki Healing Attunement over distance or in person.


Crystal Grid Healing

Feeling a little "off", confused about your goals, concerned about an aspect of your life or having difficulty moving forward? Crystal grid healing may be for you! Discover the power of healing with crystals, assembled as a grid and infused with Reiki. You'll experience a gentle integration of healing "vibes" from the moment your grid is made. Allow healing for your greatest and highest good to come forward. You'll receive a picture of the grid and a list of crystals used in the grid to continue the work long after I intuitively select your specific crystals.

Buy Crystal Grid Healing


Reiki Workshops

Not sure that Reiki is right for you? Would you like to learn more?

I offer Reiki workshops and presentations to groups, families and corporations.

Contact me to find out more and schedule a presentation for your group.


Reiki Healing Circles

Include yourself for a special treat. Participate in Reiki healing circles held monthly at Rosemary's private healing center. Space is limited. Free for all of Rosemary's previous students.

What to expect:

- Calm conversation

- Setting intentions for our Reiki circle

- Illuminating meditation practice

- Your own time to receive Reiki from our Reiki circle members

- Feeling great and receiving all the benefits that come with Reiki intentions for your Greatest and Highest Good.

What is Reiki?  A Unique Healing Method

Reiki is a unique healing method in which the healer conducts Universal Life Force Energy or Spiritual Energy to the intended recipient. In other words, through a gentle laying on of hands, or by no touch at all if you prefer, you can receive Reiki healing energy. Relax. The Reiki practitioner, healer, facilitates the flow of energy to you.

Reiki accelerates your body’s natural healing process on all levels:

  • physical
  • emotional
  • spiritual


Reiki energy flows where it is needed in the client and creates the healing conditions necessary for each individual or situation. Though we add our positive intentions for Reiki to flow, it cannot be guided by the mind. It is also not limited by the experience or ability of the practitioner. Reiki always creates a healing effect for the greatest and highest good.

Reiki has no barrier of time or space, allowing a Reiki practitioner to offer healing energy to any person or situation in the past, present and future. You don't have to be present to receive Reiki. The Reiki healing energies can travel over distance and offer full benefit.


What Are the Benefits of Reiki?

The benefits of Reiki may be felt in many ways. Tension and anxiety melt away to be replaced by Peace, Calm or Joy. Since Reiki works beyond the physical body to emotional and even spiritual realms, Reiki allows healing that may be felt for a long time.

Physically, shoulders relax, sleep improves, pain subsides. People who receive Reiki in conjunction with chemotherapy, surgery or other medical treatments often find fewer side effects, better health results and faster recovery. Reiki is reported to work beyond our understanding to help with many physical issues such as chronic diseases, MS and Parkinson's, cancer and arthritis.


Benefits of Reiki may also include releasing dependency on addictive behaviors and disorders.


When Reiki is used at the time of death, an easier transition may be felt for all involved; letting go of anxiety and fear and helping to heal grief for those remaining in this world.


Reiki Classes

Located in Portland, Oregon, I offer Reiki classes for Reiki level 1 Reiki 2 and Reiki Master as well as private Reiki sessions. Classes are small in order to offer more personal attention. Please fill in the form here and I'll let you know when the classes are held.


Rosemary Levesque

Usui Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki® Master

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Distant Healing

"And thus was born the first step in healing my shoulder. When I got the diagnosis and realized that reality was much worse than I had originally been wiling to believe, I was very depressed. A friend and gifted healer walked me through an exercise to refocus my thoughts on gratitude and healing. Especially gratitude for all the supporting muscles and tissues that were working hard to help the body. After doing that exercise, I realized how much fear and negativity I had been pumping into that shoulder every time it spiked with pain, which was often. By switching gears and being grateful, it shifted the energies to a place of love, light and healing. Thank you, Rosemary!" Jayne A., OH


 "Thank you so much for the private Reiki session this morning. I was so centered after I left! Everything has been so bright and beautiful today! Your alignment with source is very accurate."

Sharla Vellek, Portland, OR, Life Coach

 private reiki healing sessions

"Thank you so much for the work we did together yesterday.  I am deeply feeling the effects...  I love your willingness to hang in there with me... and on my walk this morning I had some insights and images. It is my intention to find a way to continue to work with you." Ingrid K. Portland, OR
 Relax with Reiki
"Rosemary's Reiki treatment was amazing! The messages she received for me held deep meaning and confirmed some life changes I'd been thinking about making. She helped me become more grounded and gave me ideas on how to keep myself in the present moment. It was a truly moving experience and Rosemary is a very kind and compassionate healer." Tori N, Portland Oregon
 chakra balance and Reiki healing sessions
"I am continuing to have on-going insights and effects from our session.  What I have come to realize is that your purity and clarity and integrity allowed me... to let you in to shine light (that wasn't too bright) like the moon into the dark places...  The imagery is so powerful and I am writing about it and meditating on it." Ingrid K. Portland Oregon

 meditation healing with Reiki


"I have never experienced Reiki before. I thought it was going to be like a massage session.  Rosemary was very thorough with her explanation what the session will entail.  She is a very knowledgeable Reiki Master with many years of experience.  She is very warm, caring with a great personality, very passionate in her chosen field.  I walked away feeling calm, relaxed and a sense of peace that came over me." Debbie Fong Kho - Licensed Esthetician, Beaverton, Oregon



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