Karuna Reiki®

Experience the beauty of vibrational energy . . .
Through sound and cellular healing and the use of specific,
advanced Karuna Reiki® symbols.

Enhance your Reiki Master practice with the next level of
Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki® Master.
What is Karuna Reiki®?

Karuna Reiki® evolved from Usui and Tibetan Reiki expressing knowingness that there is always something more wonderful to be created and discovered. Attunement to Karuna Reiki® is only offered to Reiki Masters currently practicing and using Reiki Master energies. When a Reiki Master is ready for more, Karuna Reiki® provides the means.


The Karuna Reiki® symbols

Karuna Reiki® uses 8 additional Reiki treatment symbols and 3 Masters symbols giving more direction, power and efficiency for healing on a greater level. These extra symbols are like fine tools for a master craftsman, allowing healing with greater compassion.


Compassionate Healing

From an unbounded sea of love, Karuna Reiki® is compassionate healing of an extraordinary level. Karuna Reiki® Masters help bring enlightenment and unlimited healing potential as emissaries of compassionate energy.


What is Karuna Reiki® Healing?

The use of Karuna Reiki® brings in healing energies that are noticeably stronger and more effective. Using Karuna Reiki® symbols as tools, the healing process takes on a unique pathway to incorporate these tools as required by each individual. Karuna Reiki® is a guided energy practice and the Karuna Reiki® Master calls upon specific Reiki symbols and energies to reduce pain and prepare for deep healing, fill with love and peace or effectively ground and clear negative energies. Karuna Reiki® healing works effectively on emotional and spiritual levels.


Karuna Reiki® Master Classes

Karuna Reiki® classes are only taught by Karuna Reiki® Masters who are registered with The International Center for Reiki Training. Registered Master/teachers have a certificate issued by the Center, have a registration number and agree to abide by a code-of-ethics following the Center's teaching standards.


Karuna Reiki® Preview

Join us for our next Karuna Reiki® preview, a workshop which includes:

  • a wonderful Karuna exercise
  • healing meditation
  • experience the feel of Karuna Reiki® healing

Contact Rosemary. Space is limited.

Karuna Reiki® is a registered trademark of The International Center for Reiki Training.

Rosemary Levesque

Usui/ Tibetan Reiki Master

Karuna Reiki® Master

Language of Light Master